Thursday, August 21, 2008

Charentais Melons

In the community where I live there are three farmer's markets. On Monday there's one just down the street. I like to walk to that one and pick up locally brewed root beer, gyros, plums, and kettle corn. On Tuesday the biggest certified organic farmer's market in Central California takes place downtown(it's not really much of a 'downtown') and I like to head over there to pick up great big portobello caps, humongous leeks, and salad greens aplenty. On Thursday there's another market in the parking lot of the local college. This is where I go to get beautiful, jumbo, farm fresh eggs from a nice older man and his wife. I get my plant seedlings and houseplants here, and also that gorgeous kalamansi tree that's given me a bounty of fruit since it's arrival on my back patio.

After a morning spent hiking through a nearby state reserve (this pesky knee isn't going to keep me down!) I hustled on over to the market to pick up some eggs. Because when you can get eggs this fresh for only $2.90, why even bother with the grocery store?

The one on the left is from the farmer and the egg on the right from the grocery store. Who needs convincing after that? Even though I half to cut back a little on baked goods sometimes, because they are so big, I'd rather have to do that than use two grocery store eggs. Also, it's only 50 cents more than what I pay at the grocery store, because I refuse to buy conventional eggs. If you do, please take a moment to research what happens to those poor chickens. It's revolting; a disgrace to humanity that people could do that to another living creature. If I'm willing to eat meat, or a byproduct of an animal, than I should be willing to respect how it's treated while it's alive and that it's killed humanely. Chicken farms are a travesty.

Whoah - tangent bad.

This post is all about melons.

When I arrived at the market I could immediately pick out a distinct sweetness in the air. A new arrival! I walked down the rows of vendors, plying passers-by with their wares, sniffing as I browsed. At the far end of the market was a new farm stand dispplaying all sorts of melons! Cantaloupes, honeydews, Tuscans - and these beautiful Charenteis melons. I'd never had one before but I've heard so much about them. The French prize them for their amazing flavor. After eating half of one myself this evening, I can see why.

So, what do you like buying at your local markets?


Jude said...

I guess I'll be looking out for this.
Been buying tons of tomatoes lately but will need to add melons to that list.
Come by my blog and look for the beer bottles when you get a chance. You're getting tagged. :)

Kristin said...

Would you be mad if I told you that every Saturday after the dump run, we stop at a farm nearby that has this big refrigerator with cartons of eggs in it for $1.75 a dozen and an honor system of payment, so we get two dozen at a time? Would you also be mad if I wrote the longest run-on sentence ever in your comments?

Next summer we should have our own eggs. This could quickly get out of control, since those chickens, they lay an egg each every. single. day. Good thing the MiL and A. love custard.

Sweet Bird said...

Kristin - There was a guy who did something similar to that in the community where I lived when I was young. Oh to be in a rural area again...

maybelle's mom said...

oh, i just bought one of these at my market, well I think. They called it a French melon and I used it to make risotto.

Sweet Bird said...

Oh snap, melon risotto? That sounds awesome.