Friday, July 18, 2008

Roast Duckling

I love duck. A lot. Like, duck and I could have a love affair. I would run away to backpack Europe with duck against my parent's wishes. I would almost kick puppies if duck asked me to. So, when I say I love duck, I want you to know that this is a true and abiding love.

Duck and I met up again today for a little tryst. It all began last week, perusing the frozen goods department of my commissary hoping to find a little bit of fun for a couple days later. I saw it through the frosty glass of the freezer door, looking so delectable in it's stark white wrapper, taunting me with it's slogans of "Giblets already removed" and "Orange Sauce Packet" in a dainty black script across the breast.

It was love at first sight.

And yes, I know I'm completely crazy. It's okay. I've sought help. They giggled.

So, I'd absolutely post a recipe for this tasty little guy, but I don't quite have it down yet. The breast was tender and juicy, but the skin didn't crisp up the way I'd like and the fat didn't render off as much as I was hoping it would. So, I'm going to tinker around with it a little more, and then maybe I'll pass on my thoughts.

Until then, why don't you find a little poultry love of your own?


[eatingclub] vancouver || js said...

Duck is a favourite! Although I probably would think twice about eloping with duck. . .Or maybe not. ;)

I have one thawing in the fridge right now: what to make, what to make. . .

MrOrph said...

You should poke the duck with a fork, just to the fat; don't pierce the meat, and the skin will crisp up nicely.

Well done though.

Sweet Bird said...

[eating club]: I know, duck and I are sadly misunderstood ;)

mrorph: I do slit the skin to get the fat to render out, what I think my problem was this time was I didn't let the skin dry out enough. I've read that if the skin is still damp and soggy it won't crisp up like I'm wanting it to. No more last minute trips to the salon whilst forgetting to prep my duck for dinner for me! Thanks for the tip though.

Whitney said...

YUM this duck was seriously good...I think I would be up for a little backpacking trip with duck too!!!