Thursday, July 24, 2008

Greek Yoghurt and Honey Panna Cotta

I found this recipe over on A Spoonful of Sugar. Normally I wouldn't post a recipe for someone elses delicious creation; I'd just point you in their direction and tell you to have fun. But, I changed this guy significantly and converted all the measurements for us dirty Americans and our standard measurements. I sure hope the pretty lady over there doesn't mind me completely stealing her recipe. (You're amazing and wonderful, thank you for creating this!)

So, I thought this was going to be an okay treat. A fun experiment, if you will. I have to tell you, this was like the most outrageously delicious thing I've ever put in my damn mouth. Seriously. I would not kid you about stuff I put in my mouth. The tang of the yoghurt coupled with the earthy sweetness of the honey was a match made in heaven.

(tangent: I love how everybody spells yogurt with an 'h' except us, therefore I'm going to start calling it yoghurt. It just looks so much more fun and exotic. So screw you damn 'simplify/bastardize everything' Americans. I do what I want.)

I'm sure if you've read more than a post of two here, you know I don't like sweets. Pretty much at all. I'm a freak like that. But, this... Oh my holy mother of great yoghurty goodness. I could eat vats and vats of this. I could wallow in a fifty gallon drum of this and eat my way out. Thank god I used low-fat yoghurt.

Make this. I'm not kidding.

Buuuuuut....if you do, use the right amount of gelatin. If you don't it'll look like this:

Instead of looking like what it should look like:

Granted, still not beautiful like the original creator's, but in all fairness I was still trying to figure out the ratio of gelatin to other stuff. Apparently no one in Central CA believes in leaf gelatin so I had to use powdered (soooo lame) and while I was hoping it would simply be an equal weight of powdered vs. leaf...I was very wrong. But it was a tasty mistake, so no harm no foul, right?

Without further ado -

Greek Yoghurt and Honey Panna Cotta

1/2 cup heavy cream
3 tablespoons honey
2 tablespoons sugar
5 grams powdered gelatin (sorry kids, you have to weigh it. 1 packet = 7 grams)
1 2/3 cups Greek yoghurt (plain yogurt)

1. In a 1/4 cup of the heavy cream sprinkle the powdered gelatin, stir to mix and allow to dissolve. Let rest for 5 minutes until gelled.

2. In a small sauce pan combine remaining 1/4 cup heavy cream, honey, and sugar over low heat until sugar dissolves. Do not boil.

3. Add gelatin-cream mixture. Stir until dissolved and smooth.

4. In a separate bowl combine honey-cream-gelatin mixture with yoghurt. Mix well until uniformly combined.

5. Separate into two lightly oiled ramekins. Cover with cling wrap and chill overnight.

6. To remove, let ramekin rest in a bowl of hot tap water level with panna cotta for two minutes, then flip out onto plate.


cookiecrumb said...

Panna cotta, I would do. This one.
What a cute mold you used; was it a teacup? (Bing! Idea!)
(And I've never run across leaf gelatin, so thanks for the conversion.)

Sweet Bird said...

Cookiecrumb - As sweets go, generally I'll pass. But this is quite different, the tang from the yogurt is amazing. And I used a stemless martini glass, but a teacup is a great idea. I may try that next...

Angela said...

Of course I don't mind! And thank-you for doing the hard work in converting it to cups.

Your version looks great, and I also love the moulds that you used. Great shape! (I used a tea cup for mine, btw.)

I'm very pleased--and flattered--that you liked this since you're not a dessert fan!!