Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Farmer's Market Haul

I absolutely adore having access to Central California's largest Certified Organic Farmer's Market. Not only is it way cool, but I always feel so good after going. Like I'm single handedly saving the Earth. (I know, I've got ego issues) Even as a small child I always had some strange attraction to markets. I'd beg my parents to take me down to the waterfront in the small town we lived, just to look at all the beautiful vegetables and pretty flowers.

So now, as a grown-up(term used very loosely) I get down there nearly every week, and sometimes I go to both! Oh yes, that's right, I've got two farmer's markets a week within 4 miles of my house, and by the end of this month there'll be another one not 5 blocks away. I swear I feel like I'm in heaven. I know, you're jealous. It's ok. I would be jealous of all that yummy organic goodness too. Maybe if you're nice I'll send you something pretty. Like a leek the size of my forearm. Or strawberries that taste like the gods themselves graced them with their blessing, or nectarines that taste so sweet and tangy they should be a controlled substance. You get the idea...

Here's some pictures of my favorite finds this week:

No Spray Organic Raspberries

Baby Patty Pan Squash

The funnest part about my trip to the market was discovering those little green chilies next to the patty pan squash. I stopped at a table to buy a lemon cucumber, so I could prove to Husband that they really do exist, and saw some funky wrinkly chilies too. I asked the guy what kind they were and he explained they were similar to Anaheim's, a little sweet and not too spicy. I declined, telling him I was interesting in something ridiculously hot like a Bird's Eye Chili (it's for a red curry recipe I want to try). He pauses for a moment, looks at the older woman behind the table and says something in Vietnamese. She reaches under the table and pulls out a nondescript plastic shopping bag filled with these tiny green chilies. He pulls a couple out and says, "These will knock your friggin' head off." I got two.

I just love how it felt so naughty, like he's pulling out illegal contraband chilies from behind the table. I felt like such a badass.

God, I need a life.


Jude said...

Saw thos patty pan squash at the local farmer's market here as well. I have no idea what to do with them.

Sweet Bird said...

Just roast 'em! That's what I do with pretty much all summer squash.