Thursday, April 9, 2009

Off to the salt mines...

You know what sucks about college?

Well, other than the outrageous tuition, ridiculous hours of homework, ungodly amounts of required reading, friggin' stupid as hell classmates, and unrealistic instructors.

Not having the time to make tasty treats and talk about them on the interwebz.

This Greek salad with sauteed shrimp is about as complicated as I've gotten in the last week or two. And I'm pretty sure no in is interested in reading about the various pizzas, burgers, and tacos we've consumed because I'm just way too damn busy to cook a decent meal every night.

I had midterms the last two weeks, a paper due this week, a paper due next week, one due the week after that, and an additional project due the week after that. Top it all off with a sadistic teacher that likes to assign at least 5 hours of reading each week (on top of the other work she assigns), plus all the normal homework that's due each week and I think my damn head is about to explode.

I'd like to let all my friends and family know that if I ever try to take this many classes in an abbreviated semester again, you have my permission to beat me about the head and face until I see reason.

Until that time when I again have a spare moment to make some tasty goodies and show off my mad cooking skillz (yeah right), please enjoy my favorite lolcat pictures.

If you've never seen or heard of a lol cat, go here: I Can Haz Cheezburger


katie said...

Ha Ha lol cats! I think your greek shrimp salad looks wonderful. Keep up the hard work, we'll see you in May.

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Love the images of the cats, I think they are the cutes and more interesting animals for humans.