Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Apple Pie

It is hot, hot, HOT here. Thankfully today it has cooled down to the 80s.

Oh yes, you read me right. 80s!

This is not a normal thing for the Central Coast. Do not the weather gods know that we wee mortals melt above 85?

Apparently not.

At least I'm getting a sweet tan so at least I won't look like the Pillsbury Dough Girl when I ditch CA for FL in 6 weeks.

Obviously when it's this hot out I am less than interested in turning on the oven for any reason whatsoever. I made this last week when it was a much more normal 65 degrees. Because even in the Spring we need a little bit of comfort food.

...or I can tell the truth, which is that I was plodding away on the treadmill for the second hour in the day and I was like, "You know what sounds good, self?"

And I replied, "Apple pie!"

Thankfully we were in agreement, and apple pie was made that night.

I'm not posting a recipe because I was totally lame and used my favorite store bought crust and I don't think combining a couple pounds of apples with 1/3 cup sugar, 1 tablespoon cinnamon, a sprinkle of cloves and allspice, and some fresh ground nutmeg qualifies as a real recipe. Unless of course I also add that you should bake it at 400 degrees for the first 20 minutes, reduce heat to 350 and bake 20 minutes further, tent with foil and cook ten minutes further.

Oh, and egg wash the pastry.


That is so not a recipe.


The Duo Dishes said...

Pies, tarts, cobblers, cookies, fried chicken...all of those things are a-OK to make during a heatwave. Because they taste so good.

gastroanthropologist said...

Apple pie any time in any weather. And cinnamon - my favorite spice. I just got back to London from a visit home to California - the heat was nice (though it hadn't gotten that hot yet).

A Feast for the Eyes said...

You're right. You don't need to post a recipe. Your photography, by itself, is incredibly well done. How I wish I had the ability to use depth of field the way that you do.
Incredibly beautiful.


katie said...

OMG I suck so bad at Apple pie. Mine are always like full of soup when they finish baking. Did you have that problem?