Wednesday, October 22, 2008


It's official.

The KitchenAid Mixer will henceforth be called Trogdor the Mixinator.

He will be sent upon his inaugural mission by creating tasty marshmallows...

...sometime next week.

Because I cannot tell you how incredibly effing busy I am right now. I think it's actually a collaboration among professors to schedule all huge projects for the same week. Every single class I have has either a big project, a paper, or a midterm exam this week. What the F, yo? Can a girl get a little love around here?

I've been whipping up tasty dishes all week, but sadly I haven't been getting them on the table until after dark - which means no photo action. I can't take flash pictures to save my life and I haven't taken the time to set up a little macro studio in the second bedroom yet. Hey, I'm busy...and a little lazy.

But I promise you, my faithful half dozen readers (hey guys!), I shall return this weekend to create some marshmallows that will rock your friggin world.


P.S. If you're unfamiliar with Trogdor the Burninator, you should watch this video. However, if you're not keen on silly internet cartoons and have never heard of Homestar Runner you probably won't enjoy. Be warned.


Ali said...

homestarrunner is the bomb!!

I have a black Trogdor hoodie, and even a 'crazy go nuts university' tshirt with the mascot 'dumples' on it. ;)

Anonymous said...

I thought for a second you've been playing Dungeons and Dragons or some game like that.

That video is a bit much this late at night. I need a drink.