Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ham and Cheese 饺子

I saw these on a blog a couple months ago and have been thinking about making them since. For the life of me I can't remember which one it was out of the ridiculous amount I browse through on a weekly basis. I'm a lurker, I can't help it. If I actually take the time to comment or remember the name of your blog I'm suitably impressed with your culinary prowess/storytelling/general badassery. Not saying that the cool people that came up with these aren't worthy of any of those claims. I also smoked a lot of pot when I was teenager. I blame the shitty memory on that.

These are super, ridiculously easy. Unless you're afraid of deep frying. Then you're screwed and will never taste the salty deliciousness of deep fried ham and cheese jiaozi. So there.

Unless you have little gremlins to do your dirty work for you. If so, send them to my house. I'm tired of folding laundry.

Ham and Cheese 饺子

15 gyoza skins
2 oz. ham lunchmeat
2 oz. cheddar cheese
handful of chives (if you ask me to measure a handful I'll punch you)
oil for frying

In a small saucepan/deep fryer/cauldron of death heat your cooking oil. It needs to get to 350 F and to do that safely it'll take a little while. Use a candy thermometer. It's worth it.

Dice up your ham, cheese, and chives into little bitty bits. Place a teaspoonful in the center of the skin. Wet the tip of your finger in water (Just a tiny bit, people - we are putting this into extremely hot oil.) and run it around the edge of the skin. Fold/pleat/wad into a ball in frustration to seal the filling inside. Fry three to four at a time until finished with batch. Do this in batches or the temp of your oil will fall to much and you'll end up with soggy, oil soaked fat bombs. Ain't nobody want that in their tummy.

Enjoy plain or dip into nasty ranch dressing - pick your poison.


Kristin @ Going Country said...

But my "handful" would be significantly less than A.'s "handful" since his hands are twice as big as mine. I think you SHOULD measure. (HAHA--you can't punch me through the computer.)

cookiecrumb said...

Ranch dressing!!!
Ooh, culture confusion. I love it.

Sweet Bird said...

Ahh Kristin, you remind me so much of all the friends I had to leave behind in WA. Except we really would punch each other over stuff like this.

cookiecrumb - I reserve my derision for people who like ranch dressing and white zinfandel.

(I would also like to point out that FireFox doesn't think zinfandel is spelled correctly and wants me to replace it with 'infanticide' - freakin' creepy.)

eatingclubvancouver_js said...

Deep-fried potstickers make me smile.