Thursday, June 25, 2009

Buitoni Contest

A couple months ago I participated in a contest put on by Foodbuzz and Buitoni pasta to develop a new pasta sauce for their new Riserva line of pastas. I'm not much of a contest-entering kind of person - I have a perfect score of zero in the competitiveness slot in my personality. However, when I saw the grand prize was a set of brand new pots and pans, I decided that the worst thing that could happen was not winning. A novel concept, eh?

In any event, I entered this recipe: Wild Mushroom Agnolotti with a Cognac Cream Sauce and Baby Pea Shoots.

I didn't win - that honor is reserved for Taste With the Eyes and the lovely recipe for Wild Mushroom Agnolotti with Veal, Portobello, Fried Sage and a Pinot Noir Cream Sauce.

I did however place as one of the runner-ups, which won me the sweet-ass colander you see above and enough pasta swag to keep me and the mister carb-loading until next year.

A complete list of the runner-ups is located at Foodbuzz. I recommend checking out the other recipes that placed, they all sound quite tasty.

Thanks to Foodbuzz and Buitoni for giving me the opportunity to participate - and thanks for the cool stuff. I'm not big on buying premade foods, but that Mushroom Agnolotti is good. I'll be stuffing myself on that for the next few months...


Kristin @ Going Country said...

Yay for you! That is an awfully pretty colander. My colander is starting to rust, so I think I should start looking for a replacement.

Sweet Bird's MiL said...

Cognac cream sauce... how did you not win? Sigh. It's a win in my book. Love the colander.

Suzie said...

Wow, you are so talented, you never said anything about this when I saw you in Florida. You have always had knack for creating wonderfully delicious food, although my palette is still developing a taste for mushrooms, I'll bet this would be delicious. Way to go my little bird. Congratulations.