Saturday, March 7, 2009

True Delights - A Fancy Granola Bar?

I never thought I'd see a granola bar that was trying to appeal to the ritzy crowd. A granola bar "puttin' on airs" if you will.

Until Quaker decided to come out with their True Delights chewy granola bars. Foodbuzz, awesome people that they are, sent me a sampling to try out before they hit the shelves. Of course, that was a while ago, and now I'm sure you're seeing them on the shelves of every major grocery store. I went to the store this morning to get some brown rice and bananas (put 'em together with some almond milk, yum) and was asked by two different sample ladies if I wanted to try them.

I figured it was about time I posted my review.

And no, I'm not getting paid for this.

Other than six free granola bars.

It typically takes a lot more than six granola bars to get me at say something I don't think.

It takes at least eight.

I do these reviews not for personal gain, but because I assume there are more people out there like me that wouldn't mind hearing a realistic opinion of a mass marketed product - not the marketing blurb the multi-billion dollar conglomerate pays thousands to have thought up by a room of marketing chimps. No offense, Quaker. But how does your product really rate?

I always like to see products as they truly are, without the benefit of some food stylist primping and fluffing each grain or basting with oil to appear moist - I want to know what it looks like when I take it out of the package. That's why I included photos of something as mundane as a granola bar. The fun part is comparing them to the manufacturer's photos.

These weren't so bad, to be completely honest. Definitely not a disappointment like this.

Toasted Coconut Banana Macadamia Nut

I actually didn't get the opportunity to try this one. Mr. TA scarfed them both down before I had the chance to get a taste. When I asked him what he thought of it today he replied,

"It tasted like banana…and macadamia…nut. It was pretty good."

Considering not much gets the "It was pretty good" stamp of approval, I'm going to say it was better than your average granola bar.

And in comparison, the manufacturer's photo

Honey Roasted Cashew Mixed Berry

I actually really liked this one. It was a little salty, the fruit is a little too sweet, but you can make out the flavor of the berries. The saltiness really helps counter the sweetness, something not many granola bars take into consideration.

Mr. TA said, "Eww. Tastes like syrup."

I'd actually consider buying a box of these for a post-gym snack. They do only have 140 calories after all. That goes a long way in my book.

And in comparison, the manufacturer's photo:

Dark Chocolate Raspberry Almond

This one was alright - and just alright. I'm not a huge fan of chocolate but I really think it could use some more chocolate. The raspberries don’t taste like raspberries – just dried fruit of some indiscriminate flavor. All around this one was not my favorite.

Mr. TA said, "It tastes like a chocolate granola bar – but like with some berries and s*** in it."

How eloquent, that husband of mine.

And in comparison, the manufacturer's photo:


Pretty good all around. Mr. TA really like the Toasted Coconut Banana Macadamia Nut, even if it does take three minutes to say the name of it. I enjoyed the Honey Roasted Cashew Mixed Berry - at least I probably wouldn't kick it out of bed for eating crackers.

As far as the photos go, obviously a professional photographer is going to kick the respective butts of my puny little wannabe amateur photos. And in all fairness they don't look too far off, you know, beyond the expensive camera, professional lighting, and all around way-better-than-me-at-this-ness. I wouldn't be appalled unwrapping these babies after bringing them home from the grocery store, and that's really all that matters in my book.

Thanks for the chance to try the new stuff Foodbuzz and Quaker.


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