Sunday, June 29, 2008

Braiding Memories


When I was very little my family lived on an old raspberry farm. It had been a long time since the primary focus of the farm was selling the raspberries, so it was mainly a bunch of acreage with about twenty or so rows of raspberries that my mother diligently cared for year after year. With those precious raspberries she made amazing jams, jellies and fruit leathers. And every once in a while, if we begged and pleaded enough, Mom would craft a raspberry braid from a cream cheese pastry dough and some of her delectable jams and jellies. Today I tried to recreate her masterpiece of simplicity and elegance...and failed miserably.

I'm definitely going to have to call Mom and get her recipe.


Suzie said...

Thank you, and I'll email you my recipe to try again. Love Mom

Sweet Bird said...

I love moms, they're the best!

(Especially you!)